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TUNTUN Eve TOP 697 RM19.88 NP: RM27.50 TOP Liquid Detergent 3.6kg (Assorted) NEW VALUE PACK BREEZE 3 in 1 1 - 25 February 2024 RM29.88 NP: RM39.90 BREEZE 3in1 Capsule Refill 40s (Assorted) fresh Marcate AND BACTERACE LONKEY Lill AJAX Fabuloso FECTANT RM8.88 NP: RM10.35 LONKEY Dishwash Liquid 1.8kg (Assorted) SPOGOSTA To TOP! COLTH DIS Stikyfihack *Refill 3.2kg at RM17.58 NP: RM23.40 OVER KAPER LONKEY 200 Long AJAX Fabajoso DISINFECTANT 4c31 ECURSMUL EXTRA 200ML RM17.88 - RM18.88 NP: RM19.29-RM20.29 AJAX Fabuloso Multipurpose Cleaner 3L (Assorted) ANATOM to 207 days Softla Softlan Fomi Forting Spring Fiat N NOT EXTRA 200ML RM5.98 Gleaming Harmonious Spaces 清洁好礼,辞旧迎新 A Sand anothe Walch Walch NP: RM7.59 SOFTLAN Fabric Softener Refill 1.6L (Assorted) RM20.98 NP: RM27.65 WALCH Oxi Clean Antibacterial Concentrated Liquid Detergent 3L (Assorted) Kilches Toilet Magiclean Magiclean Mouch Power FRAN RM5.88 Concess Detergent NP: RM7.40 KAO Comf Comfort LUXUR Magiclean Kitchen Refill/ Toilet Bleach Magiclean 500ml (Assorted) RM8.28 OX! clean AMERAW LUXURY US THE COVID-19 WS OLD MU VIRS ENTER &COLD & FLU VIRUS Dettol Dettol IMIRKTHA ALLIN FISI SPRET BURKIN NP: RM11.70 COMFORT Luxury / Ultra Fabric Softener 800ml (Assorted) SPRAY RE FOFSH RM21.48 NP: RM26 DETTOL Disinfectant Spray 450ml (Assorted) Kavy Ce Any FROM VALUE PACK Fab Perfect Muscle ONEELCHAY RM14.98 NP: RM16.90 FAB PAARIS 13431 LENG Vanish Car Char Powder Detergent 1.9kg -2.0kg (Assorted) RM11.68 LAVENDER Fab Downy Mr Muscle Mens NP: RM11.90-RM13.50 MR MUSCLE MANGAN RM10.98 NP: RM11.90 VANISH Pink/White Liquid 500ml Vanish 11 CRYSTAL WHITE CENT DEGO Advance Toilet Cleaner 2x500ml / Bathroom Cleaner 900ml (Assorted) FRESHENS FOR WELS glade glad VALU PACK RM15.48 NP: RM19.90 GLADE Scented Gel 2x180g (Assorted) ABEE ADVANCED PRERVANTIVIRUS MOTO ADVANCED MOHO CEAR CONMARTVIRUS TOP TOP SUPER WHITE Say Miracle 1.3kg Clas RM12.88 NP: RM16.95 TOP Powder Detergent 2.1kg (Assorted) VALLE PACK Sunlight Lifeb DISINFE MULTI-PURPO KILLS 99.9% UP TO 24H 721 BotaniTEC RM6.99 NP: RM9.90 SUNLIGHT Dishwash Lime / Nature 1.35L Y GREEN DERMOLO WURD 2.1ke VALUE PACK Sunlight FAR حام Lifebuoy DISINFECTANT Hartais MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER KILLS 99.9% UP TO 24H PROTECTION ANTIBACTERIAL BotaniTECH™ GLY FOPEND SCAN HOPE DERMAROLD CALLY RM9.88 NP: RM14.90 LIFEBUOY Multipurpose Cleaner Refill 2L (Assorted) Shieldtox Shieldtox 8-H Nights 8-H Nights PUREENT Shugurem RM19.88 NP: RM21.31 SHIELDTOX 8H Night 2x525ml (Assorted) 2828 This is an insecticide item. Read label before use. JIRP.E/1122/798

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