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ORGANIC EDAMAME えだまめ RM8.18/ea 40 Se 齋鵝 THE ARIAN CRUISE TRINTA NP: Rm10.00 DADE Frozen Edamame 320g D#9:1 1 - 25 February 2024 D admity Roots Mate 素面綫大蝦 Vegetarian Prawn BRO Grannys Eat Green Steg Healthy **** SOLEN ta each RM4.98 - RM11.18 NP: RM6.10 RM13.65 EVERBEST Fresh Soy Chip 300g/ Vege Yuba Maki Roll 5pc 300g/ Vege Prawn 320g/ Chai Gor 5 Pcs 350g 素香酥雞 VEGETARIAN ROASTED CHICKEN AYAM PANGGANG VEGETARIAN PLANT-BASED MEAT-FREE NO ADDED ONION & GARLIC NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES HO ADDED MSG Tegas RM10.28 - RM11.28 VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY RENDANG LAMB with steamed rice RATS PLANT-BASED MEAT-FREE 4 figots Palate NP: RM12.15-RM13.15 EVERBEST Veg Roasted Chicken 450g/ Spring Roll 20pc 450g 6 Net Weight Be Berd 500g Serving Cont PIN 3 MINUTES SPOON INCLUDED 3006 NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES ND ADDED ONION & GARLIC VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY CURRY CHICKEN with steamed rice BARATO Kawan RM7.88 - RM8.88 NP: RM8.65 RM9.85 ROOTS PALATE Vegetarian Ready To Eat Meals 300g (Assorted) FROZEN SWEET CORN • ISI JAGUNG DINGINBEKU. NP: RM5.30-RM6.55 KG Frozen Mixed Vege/ Sweet Corn 500g Bountiful Blessings ARO EVERBER Yeo's Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce GRADUA 沈汁豆 RM4.58 - RM5.68 TISE Added Plant-Powered 蔬食年味, 健康如意 Net Wh RM8.38 - RM14.98 NP: RM9.85-RM18.35 EVERBEST Vege Char Siew Hong Kong/ Ku Loh Meat/ Layer Meat/ Zi Zhu Fish/ 5 Spices Ball/ Stewed Lamb/ Fresh Soy Knot 500g FROZEN MIXED VEGETABLES SAYUR CAMPURAN DINGINBEKU. 5000 Vegetarian 素港式炭燒肉 Hong Kong Barbeque Meat 10 MEATO Vit's Vit's Vit's Vit's Kawan 7634X Vit's 唯一扫 So IN SEDERE and Freshreat! Segar dan Lazat RM6.28e Veach NP: Rm6.95 VITS Instant Noodle 700g PLANT-BASED STIR PRIED THAIBASIL AND MINCE WITH PICE SENCE B MEATO &: Yeach RM4.48/ead NP: Rm4.85 YEO'S Baked Bean 425g Veach PLANT-BASED SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE JATION RM9.98 NP: Rm12.90 CP Plan-Based Spaghetti Bolognese/ Meat And Basil With Rice 250g Wattie's ESTD.1934 Pick&Crop Cintan baby peas Delicious Springs Noodles RM11.48 - RM20.58 NP: RM13.10-RM23.65 WATTIES Baby Peas 750ml/ Green Peas/ Corn Kernel/ Mixed Vegetables 500g 2013 HOSHAY! PLANT-BASED TERIYAKI UNACI Han Tu getarian NET WEIGHT BEPAT BERSIH 200/250 Lobin Vegetarian Peta Sayuran - CONSTR VEGAN LEE KIMKE PA VEGETAR Yeo's RM5.48ea VALUE PACK 2. ERPERISA TIRAM SAY Cintan Vegetarian WITH LOVE Kari Sayuran Delicious Springy Noodles 1800 C NZ PEAS RM8.88 - RM14.88 NP: RM14.95-RM22.20 NP: RM10.25 RM17.00 HOSHAY Plant Based Teriyaki Unagi 200g/ PACIFIC GREEN Plant Based Crispy Fried Chicken 400g 265g 300g (Assorted) Veach VECE Vegetarian NP: Rm5.95 CINTAN Vegetarian Noodle 5 X 71g - 72g (Assorted) Telly Vegetarian Mayo Sos Salad O Stere RM4.58 - RM7.58 NP: RM5.65-RM9.10 TELLY Vegetarian Salad Dressing 230ml 470ml Curry Yeo's RM6.88ead NP: Rm8.65 LEE KUM KEE Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 770g ABE TO FEAR & Re EXCHALLE 鲜腐竹 L PRO. acciaty 素水餃 Vegetaria Dumplin plant based FISHLESS FINGERS BROVA Fresh Sy HE U S RM4.38 - RM14.48 NP: RM5.35-RM17.40 EVERBEST Fresh Soy Stick 200g/ Vege Dumpling 14pcs 210g/ Vege Mushroom Meat 250g/ Salad Roll 8pc 280g 300g 5PACK NONGSHIM 순 GOURMET et RM12.68 - RM18.88 5 PACK THER SOON VEGGIE RAMYUN 라면 RETIRAFO RM15.28each KOREA Kimball SUP TOMATO XQ RM4.68ea NP: Rm5.30 KIMBALL Tomato Soup 425g Smith gas Yeach 300g NP: Rm19.35 NONGSHIM Korea Ramyun Soon Vege 5x112g O

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