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мен AEON BIG Palm Mall OPENING 3 DAYS SPECIAL'S! SEREMB5-7 April 2024 Bie RM16 /each NORMAL PRICE: RM24.60 DARLIE TON BIG Double Action Toothpaste 2 X 180g - 225g (Assorted) WOW! DARLIE DARLIE VALUE 2 PACK Double Action MultiCare S Cool Mirt VALUE 2 PACK Double Action Fresh-Clean Natural Mint Essence Fluoride Toothpaste Original Strong Mint ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULA TOUGH ON STAINS ANTI-MALODOUR FRESH FRAGRANCE BREEZE 99.9% power clean VIRUS ми WOW! RM17.99 NORMAL PRICE: RM29.90 BREEZE Liquid Detergent 3.6kg (Assorted) *Limit 3 Bottles Per Customer Per Receipt /EON BIG *while stocks last ми RM27.99 NORMAL PRICE: RM24.60 VINDA Deluxe Bathroom Roll WOW! 3ply SF/4D 16R Vin PRES Lemangi Vinda Deluxe inda SMOOTH FEEL ECTEASES AT THE Vincla PRESTIGE Come virgin's Pick 40 Vinda 908 VALUE F VALUE PACK 850 ml S Lifebu 35 Lifebuoy Total 10 sunsilk sunsilk Colgate Twister Colgate Colgate BUY 32 FR GET Colgate Twiste Zig Zag DgZag brises to r In borween tart for at afvetta clean with Spiral Brist Hyg one cap incu BUY 3 GET 2 FREE Natucair Dreamy COLUNING TIME RM 6.99 NORMAL PRICE: RM12.90 NATUCAIR Fabric Spray 400ml (Assorted) Natucair PINK BLOSSOM FABRIC 99.9% REMOVES COOURS RM9.49 NORMAL PRICE: RM15.90 LIFEBUOY Body Wash Refill 850ml (Assorted) RM1499 /each NORMAL PRICE: RM26.50 SUNSILK Shampoo 625ml (Assorted) RM9.99 Deep cleani NORMAL PRICE: RM14.39 - RM16.39 COLGATE Twister / Zig Zag Toothbrush 5s (Soft/Medium) RM 4.29 NORMAL PRICE: RM6.50 CIF Scouring Cream Cif Cream micro c 500ml (Original / Lemon) Cif Cream micro crystals RM4.99 NORMAL PRICE: RM7.19 SUNLIGHT Dishwash Liquid 900ml (Assorted) 100% Sunlight CHILDREN'S Sunlight NATURE Extra Moist Pureen BABY WIPES 100 RM8.99ch NORMAL PRICE: RM13.80 PUREEN Baby Wipes 2X 100'S (Assorted) Extra Moist Pureen BABY WIPES 100 Boby Bens RM10-49 /each NORMAL PRICE: RM14.09 AJAX Fabuloso Boost Multipurpose Cleaner 2L (Assorted) Fabulo AJAX AJAX DISINFECTANT DISINFECTANT Fabuloso Baby Bea diaper 100% RM10each NORMAL PRICE: RM29.99 BABY BEAR Diapers NB30/M48/L44/XL40 Baby Bear C Baby Bear carina Lanesder Set Packa T RM8.49 NORMAL PRICE: RM16 CARINA Soft Pack 100'S X 6 6 packs 100 sheets x3 ply Baby Bear 100% SAF CORE TECHNOLOGY m diapers Baby Bear E 48 m Buy2 at RM24 ADULT 1+ Single Price: RM16.90 WHISKAS Dry Cat Food 1.1kg (Assorted) whiskas ADULT 1+ whiskas ลดปลาก

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