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AFP AEON Fashion Preview, AFP is a tri-annual preview of what's upcoming for AEON's fashion brands. Highlighting the latest in trends, styles, colours and textures as we showcase the new season's arrivals as well as announcing exciting collaborations. Live ahead of trends with AEON. SCAR Made to Express plussallection PUTERI Arcadia M AGENDA crème Cleef Scarlet JKIDS iC ti:zed insercanal suave Guys" "Vision On Cover (From Left): JKIDS Girl Party Dress RM99, KIKILALA Girl Shoes RM59 I JKIDS Boy Casual Jacket RM89, Boy Effect Tee RM39, Boy Long Pant RM39 GUYS' VISION Denim Top RM79, Chinos Long Pant RM49.00 | CREME Cotton Fit & Flare Midi Dress RM69 I PLUS COLLECTION Mandarin Collar Checked Blouse W Matching CNY Skirt RM69, Matching CNY Skirt RM69 | SCAR Modern Crop Top RM69, Light Weight Cargo LP RM69

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