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PWP UP TO DEALS 50% OFF UNTIL 29 APRIL 2024 Shop More, Save More! PWP 30% OFF Dove fresh Dove Relaxing hydration DOVE BODY WASH IL (ASSORTED) RM25.90/each RM18.13 Deeply Nourishing Skin Eliminates 99% Bacteria Suitable For Daily Use PWP 30% OFF hygienix 99.99% GERM-KILL ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES G PWP 30% OFF PWP 30% OFF CRISSCROSS ULTRATHIN Oral-B Get 1 Free Colgate Total HOLE MOUTH HEALTH HYGIENIX ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES PACK OF 2 RM12.90/each RM8.99 ORAL B CROSSACTION CHARCOAL BUY 2 FREE 1 BLISTER RM26.80/each RM18.65 COLGATE TOOTHPASTE TOTAL PRO 150G X 2 (ASSORTED) RM26.50/each RM18.54 PWP 50% OFF MITOH PWP 30% OFF PWP 30% OFF ITOH HANAKO SKIN LIFT スキンリフト 5,000µg PROTEOGLYCAN- 12,000mg COLLAGEN Nature's Way. VITA GUMMIES Gummies with Multivitamin (Vitamin B,C,D,) Nature's Way. Kids A+ VITA Gummies Multi-Vitamin Vegies To help support healthy growth & development Berry Favour PWP 40% OFF VALUE 2 PACK CHARCOAL DEEP CLEAN 2x150g Refreshing Feel ATECT SARAT Mosquito Repellent Spray Certified Natural Active Ingredient DEET FREE No irritation 8h SARATECT NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT COOL 18ML RM15.90/each RM9.54 PWP 40% OFF BLACKMORES MAGNESIUM Contains 500 mg of magnesium apartate dyte per tablet 60 TABLETS WE ITOH HANAKO SKIN LIFT 10'S RM324.72/each RM162.36 PWP 40% OFF BLACKMORES CALCIUM+D3 Contains calcium 600 mg & vitamin D3 500 IU NATURE'S WAY GUMMIES WITH MULTIVITAMIN 60'S RM59.90/each RM41.93 PWP 50% OFF KINOHIMITSU UV-BRIGHT Botanical Beverage Red Grape Juice with Grape Seed Extract (OPC) & Vitamin C NATURE'S WAY KID'S VITA GUMMIES 60'S RM54.90/each RM38.43 PWP 45% OFF KINOHIMITSU COLLAGEN BEAUTY LYCHEE JUICE WITH COLLAGEN 2.500MG & PERILLA SEED BLACKMORES MAGNESIUM TAB 60`S RM50.00/each RM30.00 FREE 2 BOTTLES KINOHIMITS KINOHIMITS COLLAGEN Follow us on 6 GENERAL 30 TABLETS WELLBEING BLACKMORES CALCIUM+ D3 120'S RM103.00/each RM61.80 OAEONWellnessmy KINOHIMITSU UV-BRIGHT 50ML X 6`S RM89.90/each RM44.95 KINOHIMITSU EXPERT EYEBROW KIT 3GM RM89.90/each RM48.89 13 While stock last.

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