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CAREE CONGER Midea 0035 1.8L DIGITAL RICE COOKER Midea MB-FS5020 • One Touch Control • Inner Pot with non Stick Coating STEAM CLAYPOT BAHARU WHITE RICE QUICK RICE JASMINE RICE 24 HOURS AUTO KEEP WARM EDISI KHAS RAYA BERGAYA & BERAYA BERSAMA 1.7L JUG KETTLE DUIT RAYA RM 10 1.5L COFFEE MAKER 800W TOASTER DUIT RAYA RM 10 DUIT RAYA RMI '10 RM Harga Ahli: 185 Harga Blasa RM289 ELBA 1.5L BLENDER DUIT RAYA RM 10 EJK-Q1736(GN) • Stainless Steel Conceale Heating Element • Auto Switch Off 300L WIRELESS RM Harga Ahli 85 ECM-Q1580(GN) RM Harga Ahli: • Water Level Gauge 99 Harga Blond RM 109 Harga Hana RM 129 • Keep Warm On Light Indicator ET-Q2785(GN) •2 Wide Slot ⚫7 Browning Level RM Harga Ahit 109 Marge Blend RM 139 EBG-Q1559(GN) • 2 Speeds With Pulse Function ⚫S/Steel Blade PERKAKASAN RUMAH DENGAN HARGA LUAR BIASA! MINI CHOPPER 5L THERMOPOT 23L ELECTRIC OVEN 400W JUICE EXTRACTOR RM Harga Ahlit 129 Marge Bloset PR i69 1.4L FOOD PROCESSOR MILUX MILUX MFC-300WG . 30W ⚫ Lithium Battery RM Harga Ahli 45 Harga Blane RM79 ELBA ETP-F5082(BR) RM Harga Ahl • Water Level Indicator • Auto Reboil & Keep Warm Function 139 Charge Blend PM 185 2000W TABLE TOP GRILL [20L MICROWAVE OVEN PENSONIC PEO-2304B • 1500W 4 Setting Switch RM Harga Ahli: 165 to Control Element Margad PM 184 FABER FJE 9480 •2 Speed Control + Stainless Steel Body RM Harga Ahl 169 Harga Blund PM 209 5L PRESSURE COOKER TABLE TOP BURNER KENWOOD FP120 .1 Speed + Pulse * Stainless Steel Knife Blade RM Harga Ahli 189 Margo Masa PP 259 FABER FBQ899 Diamond Coating] • 2 in 1 BBQ/ Steamboat RM Harga Ahlt 189 Midea MM720CGE-BK • 35min Timer RM Harga Ahil 209 Harga Basa PM 335 Midea MY-CH501W .10 Cooking Program +14 Protection • 700W Harga Masa D RM 335 * Defrost Setting 1600W GARMENT STEAMER QUICK WRINKLE REMOVAL 2200W STEAM IRON Panasonic NI-S430GSK • Ceramic Soleplate "Quick Wrinkle Remover 1.7L JUG KETTLE RM Harga Ahli: 115 Harga Blund PM-125 PHILIPS GC482/27 • 2 Steam Setting EASY DE- WRINKLING ⚫ 1.4L water tank RM Harga Ahli 199 Harga Blond RM 319 RMI Harga Ahli: 209 Harpa Blase PM 299 PENSONIC PGC-2201G Auto Piezo Ignition Super Heat Efficiency 1600W VACUUM CLEANER Electrolux Z1220 Hygienic HEPA Filter * Lightweight & Compact RM Harga Ahl 229 Harga Blora RM 319 PILIHAN PALING LARIS UNTUK DIREBUT! HAIR DRYER FAST BOILING 1.8L RICE COOKER RM Harga Ahli: 219 Harga Blasas PM 276 120W STICK VACUUM CLEANER 2XMORE POWER SAMSUNG VS60M6015 KG/ME Extreme Suction Power RM Harga Ahil 699 Harga Bless M919 3.2L AIR FRYER 45L ELECTRIC OVEN COOL TOUCH HANDLE Midea RM Harga Ahir Panasonic RM Harga Ahit MK-17533D • Anti-rust Stainless Steel Body -Boil-Dry Protection 55 • Compact Design EH-ND11-A655 •2 Speed Selections Harga Biasa RM85 59 Harga Blasa: RM65 KHIND RC718 • Cook & Keep Warm Functions -700W RM Harga Ahli: 79 Harga Biasa RM124 RM Harga Ahli: ELBA EAF-H3214(BK) -Safety Child Lock -1400W • Over Heat Protection 199 Harga Blasa RM355 FABER -RM Harga Ahi FBR-NUOVO 45 3 Level Heating + Convection • Rotisserie Function $329 Harga Blasa: RM550

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