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宜 ECONSAVE BAHAGIAN BORONG ECONSAVE 省宜康省批发部 BANDINGKAN HARGA KAMI - #17 # Promotion Period: 08/03/2024-09/04/2024 TOLI THINK Se SABE TOLI TE1-081 3625 PREM RE TOL SPE GAZ roo IDE M FICILE FRA 61516 31575 108 NEU *Promosi Hanya Tertakluk kepada Econsave Semenanjung Malaysia Terpilih Sahaja* EN ER EN 2D), 24 39 TAGE CEP 100% FOOD-GRADE VIRGIN MATERIAL Tage Hygiene Straw Toli Disposable PP Cup 6in1 100s 12oz TPI-G12 100s RM 7.30 Pack TOLI Malaysia Singapore Thailand Shamcji RUBBER BAND Vall us at wwwigg.com TPI-50 100 PCS We Provide packaging Solutionst Toli 16oz TPI-C16 100s 7.30 RM RM 22oz TPI-G22 50s 5.90 Pack RM Disposable PP Burger Box TPI-50 100s 11.90 Pac RM RM TARE 100% 食品版 100% FRANE VIRGUERIA Size: 7.5 Inch 6.50 Pack Size: 10 Inch 7.70 Pack f EconsaveMY Pack Shamoji Rubber Band 1.5Inch 1Kg RB70-01 RM14.90 Pack 0.006 Fra TOLI Toli Disposable Food Tray Clamshell Theme CE TV-320 100 PCS und Poteng Pedomet TOL 18-75 Sip PE T Myn 71 100 RM RM RM TP-3H 100s RM10.90 Pack Toli Disposable PP Bowl RM RM TP-1H 100s 6.90 RM TPI-2H 100s 7.90 Pack RM TB-300 100s 5.50 Tage Disposable Fork/Spoon (Black) 6.5 Inch 50s TB-320 100s 7.80 RM Pack MCZ BBQ Stick Pack TB-750 100s 13.20 Pack Pack 2.00 Pack Size: 8inch 500g 3.90 Pack Size: 25cm 200s 2.00 Pack TOLI Toli PPLUNCH BOX TP-200 Disposable SINOPLAS FRAS PLATE TOLI P PS CONS Walaysia Thailand I vek REXTRA FC Cara 30 PC 101 PLATE TOLI Mitaysa Singapore Thailand P www. TOLI - PP LUNCH BOX TPI-100 100 PCS F Fren's Padang Solidual CUE HEAVY D MWL. Mores Wil Mit ReXTRA LARGE P Cartage 10 E BAGS Son 3.0 BAR LUCH Toli Disposable PP Plate MUDUR 15 DAGS aysic Da wokpanka et HEAVY DUTY Vel Sone et PLATE TOLI 501 TR PP Lunch Box HE 10 BAGI RM RM RM RM 14.30 Pack 7 Inch 50s Clear 4.90 Pack RM TPI-200 100s/ TPI-100 1005 RM AVY-IRM 9 Inch 50s Clear 8.90 Pack Tage Flex Straw Black 6 x 203mm 250s 3.50 RM 10 Inch 30s Clear 8.90 Pack Sekoplas Rextra Garbage Bag Pack M: 68 x 90cm 15s 7.50 Pack L: 75 x 97cm 10s 6.90 Pack XL: 89 x 117cm 10s "10.50 Pack econsave.com.my LAVA use Eco O E yeand Coolman Foam Cooler Box Model: Mini (M3) 25.7L Eco W RM Eco Hawker Paper 80gsm 388 x 305mm 705 4.40 RM Eco 305 x 290mm 70s RM 3.40 Lava Disposable Rectangular RM RM BETR Food Container A750-10s/A1000-10s MR.SMART 10 RM Size: 750ml 6.30 Size: 1000ml 6.50 INDE Pack 10.90E Pack 3.90 Pack Talian Bantuan 1800-88-3311 Pack Mr Smart Garbage Bag 30" x 40" (XL) 10s Each All price and information herein are verified correct at the time of print but are subject to change without prior notice. Econsave reserves the right to replace items with others of equal value based on stock availability. While every care has been taken in production any inaccuracy is unintentional and regretted, thus Econsave Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd (982927-A) shall not be held responsible. We reserve the right to limit quantities on all items. We also reserve the right not to sell our merchandise to trade personnel at our discretion. Offer valid while stock last. *All prices stated in Ringgit Malaysia. Applicable to Econsave Cash & Carry Penisular Malaysia selected outlet only. Oeconsavemy econsavemalaysia Pack

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