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CHILLED & FROZEN FARM'S BEST 28th March 2024-17th April 2024 SALAM LEBARAN FARMS NAGET AYAM FARMST NUGET AYAM Tempura Tempura Tender Crispy Fedas CHICKEN NUGGETS Tempura Chicken Nuggets Assorted 800g-1kg CHICKEN CHOP FLAVOURED C PERFECTION TERIYAKI FLAVOUR NET WTZROY CHICKEN CHOP FLAVOURED TO PERFECTION FARMS DELI CHICKEN 200 AYAM DELI PREMIUM QU Deli Meat Assorted 300g RM659 N.P. RM7.25 FARM BEST Country Style Chicken Sausages Original 300g SOSEJ AVAM COUNTRY STYLE CHICKEN SAUSAGES 6 360g RM 89 789 N.P. RM9.35 80 RM 13.99 RM17.99 N.P. RM14.95-RM20.05 MIG BEST CHICKEN CHOP FLANDURED TO SEFFECTION FARMS ORIGINAL FLAVOUR 270 kcel SPICY FLAVOUR Chicken Nuggets Nagel Amm Marinated Chicken Chop Assorted 200g RM 299 799 N.P. RM9.95 Crispy Chicken Nuggets Original 850g CHICKEN CHOP WESTON CHICKEN CHOP FI NICICH TEUTAKI FLAVOU Stick Smoked Chicken Frankfurters A Sal 340g RM 12 99 N.P. RM14.20 Smoked Chicken Frankfurters Original 340g RM399 N.P. RM4.80 CHICKEN CHOP www.my FLAYDUE 20 Ingredients • 1 Pack of Farm's Best chicken chop (Original/Teriyaki/Spicy) • Vegetable oil for deep-frying 500g long grain rice, washed & drained • 2 tbsp vegrable oil or ghee ⚫ 2 3/4 cups water ⚫ 1/4 cup plain yoghurt • 1½ tsp salt • 2 pandan leaves, knotted 2 stalks lemongrass, crushed Spice Mix • 1 cinnamon stick ⚫ 1 star anise • 6 cardamoms • 6 cloves Method 1. Heat oil or ghee in a wok. Add in spices & fry until fragrant. Add the uncooked rice to the spice mix & stir-fry for a couple of minutes: remove from heat. Transfer into an electric rice cooker. 2. Add water, yoghurt, pandan leaves, lemongrass & salt. Leave rice to cook in the rice cooker. 3. Just before serving, deepfry/grill Farm's Best Chicken Chop according to pack instructions. Fluff the cooked Biryani rice, dish out onto individual plates, garnish with fried shallots, toasted cashew nuts & chopped coriander. Place one Chicken Chop on each plate & serve. Chicken Chop with Biryani Rice RECIPE حلال MALAL MS1500 1035-05/2004 44 - SEMUA HARGA ADALAH DINYATAKAN DALAM RINGGIT MALAYSIA. SAH DARI 28 MAC 17 APR 2024 DI STOR-STOR GIANT & TMC SAHAJA.

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