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Tatal katalog IKEA ini yang sah dari - hingga - untuk melihat tawaran terkini. Pada halaman 68 katalog semasa, anda akan mendapati barangan terbaik dari kategori Perabot. Promosi IKEA ini menawarkan diskaun lebih dari produk 225; memastikan anda mendapat tawaran yang terbaik ke atas barangan yang anda beli! Jika anda ingin berjimat pada lawatan membeli-belah anda ke IKEA yang berikut, jangan lupa untuk melihat seluruh katalog dari halaman 1 hingga ke halaman 68. Di halaman semasa anda akan mendapati promosi ke atas -; walaubagaimana pun, katalog dari IKEA ini menawarkan banyak diskaun yang lain ke atas barangan seperti -. Jika anda ingin membeli-belah dengan bijak dan berjimat pada lawatan beli-belah anda ke IKEA yang berikut, jangan terlepas katalog terkini yang penuh dengan harga yang menakjubkan dan diskaun yang mengagumkan. Kembali ke My Katalog setiap hari untuk memastikan anda tidak terlepas promosi yang hebat yang ditawarkan oleh peruncit kegemaran anda.

* Sah di semua gedung IKEA.

Our kitchens Find the way to your dream kitchen Whether you are looking for the kitchen of your dreams that its perfectly into your home or a more basic version that is easier to purchase and faster to install – there is one for every taste and price tag. Check out our diferent kitchens to ind the one that suits your needs the best. Find more details at IKEA.my/kitchen Make the path to your new kitchen as smooth as possible. We have the tools that you need to get started (and inish it, too). Just follow the steps below to ensure that your buying process goes well. For more information about our diferent kitchens and services, talk to our kitchen experts in your nearest IKEA store or visit us at IKEA.my. METOD for endless possibilities If you want a customisable kitchen that uses your space optimally and has a wide selection of fronts in many styles and colours, as well as interior organisers for perfect organisation on the inside, the METOD kitchen system is your choice. It requires attention to detail when it comes to measuring and planning, but the reward is a kitchen that has precisely the functions and look you desire. Find your style It’s time to dream a little, consider your needs and decide what you want from your kitchen. Check out this brochure, our buying guides, visit IKEA.my or your nearest IKEA store for more information on the highly customisable METOD, the ready-made ENHET kitchens that you can tweak in the Kitchen conigurator, or a simpler KNOXHULT or SUNNERSTA kitchen. Measure The measurements will form the foundation of your planning. To see what to measure, pick up a copy of the planning guide at your nearest IKEA store or download it at IKEA.my. Make sure that your selected kitchen its your space and invest a little extra time if you have chosen a completely optimised METOD kitchen or a ready-made ENHET solution. Contact our kitchen experts in your local IKEA store if you have any questions. Plan ENHET for creative simplicity If you want a kitchen that its into a smaller space, SUNNERSTA is there to help you out. And if you move, this afordable and easily assembled unit can go with you. Kitchen planning Put your creativity to work! Our easy-to-use online planning tools help you make your kitchen dream come true. Check them out at IKEA.my/kitchenplanningtool Planning your kitchen is when your dreams and ideas take shape. Use our online Kitchen planner tool to start planning your kitchen at IKEA.my. The Kitchen planner is your guide to a METOD kitchen and the Kitchen conigurator will help you arrange your ENHET solutions in the best way. If KNOXHULT is your choice, you can check out all available units online. And if you're in need of a professional, we're here to help. Explore the possibilities of open and closed storage while spending less time on planning, shopping and installing. Choose one of our many ready-made ENHET kitchens as is, or ine-tune it online with the Kitchen conigurator. SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen Planning & interior design If you need support with a basic planning or a complete interior design solution, discuss your ideas with our team of design professionals. We'll help you nail them down in detail. Order When you're satisied with your kitchen plan, ordering your kitchen is easy. Our kitchen experts can provide an installation price quote (if available for your installation address) as well as help arrange delivery of your kitchen. Some IKEA locations carry the complete range of kitchens in their stores so it's possible for you to take it home yourself. Visit your nearest IKEA store to check for availability. ENHET, KNOXHULT and SUNNERSTA can be ordered directly online, but contact our kitchen experts in your local store if you have any questions. KNOXHULT for basic needs When a basic kitchen is all you need and you don't feel like making tons of decisions along the way, our KNOXHULT kitchen units ofer you a complete kitchen without the frills. Just add a sink, a tap, appliances and knobs or handles. See more information on how to shop our diferent kitchen systems and our service ofer at IKEA.my/kitchen/how-to-plan-buy/ Install IKEA kitchens are designed to be installed by you, but we're here to ofer as much help as you need. You can start by picking up the Installation guide from your nearest IKEA store which gives step-by-step instructions on how to install your kitchen. Visit IKEA.my to learn more about our installation service. Scan for more You've decided on your dream kitchen, but don’t feel like putting it together yourself? Learn more about our installation service at IKEA.my/installation or scan the QR code. 5

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