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Iklan IKEA - Produk jualan - cabinet, sofa. Halaman 11.
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Tatal katalog IKEA ini yang sah dari - hingga - untuk melihat tawaran terkini. Pada halaman 40 katalog semasa, anda akan mendapati barangan terbaik dari kategori Perabot. Promosi IKEA ini menawarkan diskaun lebih dari produk 203; memastikan anda mendapat tawaran yang terbaik ke atas barangan yang anda beli! Jika anda ingin berjimat pada lawatan membeli-belah anda ke IKEA yang berikut, jangan lupa untuk melihat seluruh katalog dari halaman 1 hingga ke halaman 40. Di halaman semasa anda akan mendapati promosi ke atas cabinet, sofa; walaubagaimana pun, katalog dari IKEA ini menawarkan banyak diskaun yang lain ke atas barangan seperti cabinet, sofa. Jika anda ingin membeli-belah dengan bijak dan berjimat pada lawatan beli-belah anda ke IKEA yang berikut, jangan terlepas katalog terkini yang penuh dengan harga yang menakjubkan dan diskaun yang mengagumkan. Kembali ke My Katalog setiap hari untuk memastikan anda tidak terlepas promosi yang hebat yang ditawarkan oleh peruncit kegemaran anda.

* Sah di semua gedung IKEA.

Produk dalam iklan ini

Make it easier to carry out your tasks, easier to focus no matter what you do or when with a concentrated directed light. Your people are like family A plant shelf keeps on giving. Just seeing some hints of nature or green makes just about anyone feel more relaxed. 9 In a small business, your people aren't just employees, they're like family. Treat them like royalty. Ergonomic furniture and quietness for all senses boost well-being and joy. Cause when people feel good, that's when they do their best job. 129/15pcs RM 1 NYMÅNE Work lamp with wireless charging RM Your next position is your best position. BEKANT desk is a total posture savour with an easy electronic height adjustment. Join the sit/stand revolution! ODDLAUG Sound absorbing panel 10 8 299 7 BOYSENBÄR Plant pot, in/outdoor 16.90 RM Carve out a reflection space and maximise the well-being of your team by turning a corner into a dreamy oasis. 3 2 JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests RM 999 4 Set up ceiling spotlights with multiple lamps for a general office lighting that puts everyone in a good mood. By adding FÖRNUFTIG air purifier to a small room you can filter your indoor air from pollutants such as odours, dust, smoke, pollen and chemicals. 5 New 11 FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier RM 4 LIDKULLEN Active sit/stand support RM As well as being height adjustable, LIDKULLEN sit/stand support swivels and tilts in all directions, which helps to strenthen core muscles and loosen your spine. 349 The BEKANT storage cabinet is document organiser, handy shelf and spare chair all at once. Add a ROTHULT keyless smart lock to help keep personal belongings safe. 6 BEKANT Storage unit on castors 1,099/ea RM These solutions contains a mix of articles developed for domestic and non-domestic use. Please verify that your purchases are compliant and suitable for their intended use in your area. Contact IKEA for Business for more information about the range. 1 NYMÅNE Work lamp with wireless charging RM299 Powder coated steel and plastic. H67cm. White 204.486.07 2 JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests RM999 Seat W52×D46, H45–56cm. Glose black 804.945.40 3 BEKANT Desk sit/stand RM2,249/ea Stained, clear lacquered ash veneer and powder coated steel. L160×W80, H65–125cm. Black stained ash veneer/black 094.064.06 4 LIDKULLEN Active sit/stand support RM349 100% polyester and steel. Seat Ø38cm, H59–81cm. Gunnared dark grey 904.457.85 5 SKÅDIS Pegboard RM80/ea Painted fibreboard. W76×H56cm. White 903.216.19 Accessories are sold separately. 299 6 BEKANT Storage unit on castors RM1,099/ea W61×D45, H101cm. Black 492.825.45 7 BOYSENBÄR Plant pot, in/outdoor RM16.90 Concrete. Ø12cm. 904.787.28 8 SMARRA Box with lid RM69 Clear lacquered bamboo. W30×D30, H23cm. Natural 403.480.65 9 ODDLAUG Sound absorbing panel RM129/15pcs 100% polyester. Ø17cm. Grey 804.273.67 10 VALLENTUNA 2-seat modular sofa with storage RM2,510 Cover: 55% cotton, 12% viscose/rayon, 8% linen, 25% polyester. W166×D93, H84cm. Hillared dark grey 693.956.93 11 NEW FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier RM299 Plastic, steel and 100% polyester. W31×D11, H45cm. White 104.619.63 Office 11

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