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Iklan IKEA - Produk jualan - plywood. Halaman 31.
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Tatal katalog IKEA ini yang sah dari - hingga - untuk melihat tawaran terkini. Pada halaman 40 katalog semasa, anda akan mendapati barangan terbaik dari kategori Perabot. Promosi IKEA ini menawarkan diskaun lebih dari produk 203; memastikan anda mendapat tawaran yang terbaik ke atas barangan yang anda beli! Jika anda ingin berjimat pada lawatan membeli-belah anda ke IKEA yang berikut, jangan lupa untuk melihat seluruh katalog dari halaman 1 hingga ke halaman 40. Di halaman semasa anda akan mendapati promosi ke atas plywood; walaubagaimana pun, katalog dari IKEA ini menawarkan banyak diskaun yang lain ke atas barangan seperti plywood. Jika anda ingin membeli-belah dengan bijak dan berjimat pada lawatan beli-belah anda ke IKEA yang berikut, jangan terlepas katalog terkini yang penuh dengan harga yang menakjubkan dan diskaun yang mengagumkan. Kembali ke My Katalog setiap hari untuk memastikan anda tidak terlepas promosi yang hebat yang ditawarkan oleh peruncit kegemaran anda.

* Sah di semua gedung IKEA.

Produk dalam iklan ini

Serve them a fresh new day Organise your breakfast room with BROR - heavy duty shelving with a light price tag. it can hold anything, even bags of concrete (that's what we tested it with). A clean and organised breakfast room sets a modern and stylish atmosphere to your great little B&B. What you display and the social spaces you create are essential ingredients to keep your guests feeling welcome and relaxed. The other is possibly having the very best pancakes in town. What's your perfect space? Discuss your ideas with our team of design professionals at business.ikea.com.my/contact-us. We'll help you nail them down in detail. A great breakfast is all about preparations. Find everything you need for storing and displaying your stunning buffé at IKEA.my 4 12 VARDAGEN Jar with tap SVARTNORA Pendant lamp 199/ea RM RM 11 59/ea 13 IKEA 365+ Jar with lid 35.90/ea RM 1 5 6 2 3 IKEA 365+ Serving plate RM 29.90/ea 7 16 14 OSTBIT Tray 29 RM 10 8 BROR Shelving unit RM 500/ea 9 These solutions contains a mix of articles developed for domestic and non-domestic use. Please verify that your purchases are compliant and suitable for their intended use in your area. Contact IKEA for Business for more information about the range. .90 /ea 1 KORKEN Jar with lid RM15.90/3pcs Glass. Ø7, H7cm. 103.251.12 2 IKEA 365+ Serving plate RM29.90/ea Feldspar porcelain. L31×W17, H4cm. White 502.783.97 3 KONCIS Roasting tin with grill rack RM69 Stainless steel. L40×W32cm. 201.744.57 4 SVARTNORA Pendant lamp RM199/ea Stainless steel and powder coated steel. Ø38, H40cm. Black 404.307.72 5 TOMMARYD Table RM599 Laminate and powder coated steel. L130×W70, H75cm. Anthracite 693.048.05 6 STENSELE Table RM399 Laminate, powder coated steel and aluminium. L70×W70, H75cm. Anthracite 093.239.20 15 FANTASTISK Paper napkin 12.90 RM 7 JANINGE Chair RM145/ea Reinforced polypropylene plastic. W50×D46, H76cm. White 802.460.79 8 BROR Shelving unit RM500/ea Powder coated/galvanised steel. W85×D40, H190cm. Black 992.961.92 9 BROR Work bench RM699 Pine plywood and powder coated steel. L110×W55, H88cm. Black 403.332.81 10 GODIS Glass RM19.90/6pcs Glass. 23cl. 401.745.88 11 VARDAGEN Glass RM19.90/6pcs Heat-resistant glass. 31cl. 802.869.18 12 VARDAGEN Jar with tap RM59/ea Glass and stainless steel. 5.0l. 604.526.40 13 IKEA 365+ Jar with lid RM35.90/ea Glass and clear lacquered bamboo. Ø17, H20cm. Holds 3.3l. 892.768.11 14 OSTBIT Tray RM29.90/ea Clear lacquered bamboo. L25×W33cm. 803.767.25 15 FANTASTISK Paper napkin RM12.90/100pcs Paper. W40×L40cm. White 401.742.15 16 IKEA 365+ Bowl, rounded sides RM8.90/ea Feldspar porcelain. Ø13cm. White 302.589.51 Accommodation 31

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