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BİG Big CHOICES, Great VALUE AEON SAL Pur Pure Sunkist ORANCE JUICE DRINK 10.99⁹ /pack Cheese NP: RM14.20/pack seafood tofu RM 7.19 حلال MALAL List Pek Nilai ILX 2 Botol / pack FROZEN EGGETTE Assorted 130g ure MORE THAN 990 986 ORANGES FORT FIGO Seafood Tofu Original/ Cheese 500g MS 1500 1078-47/2004 ANGE NP: RM5.50 -8.50/pack RM 4.69 度 AYAM Lades Hitam H AYAMAS AYAM GORENG RANGUP MANDEEL Perisa Asli PERSPE AMAS FRANKFURTER AYAM AYAMAS FRANKFURTER Cendawan SCAN HERE FOR MORE Eggette Mutunya Dikenali AYAMAS Rasanya Digemari AYAMAS FRANKFURT AYAM NP : RM9.55/pack RM 7,79⁹ EggetteLab Green 10 Hong Kong SUNKIST Pure Orange Juice Twinpack 2 X 1L Seafood toru TERM WARARANAENE K AYAMAS AYAM GORENG RANGUP 200 Pedas AYAMAS FRANKFURTER AYAM NP: RM12.45-12.50 / each RM 10.59 Nature Reduced Fat NATUREL Soft Margarine/ Reduced Salt/ Lite Spread 500g NP : RM9.50-10.50 / each RM 8.59 9₁ .49 / each 'NOBLE GREEN Waffles Assorted 200g 99 16.⁹⁹ /each AYAMAS Crispy Fried Chicken Asst. (850g) 49 AYAMAS Chicken Frankfurter (340g) 55⁹ /each AYAMAS Premium Chicken Frankfurter Asst. (235g) NOBLE GREEN Premium Waffles Naturel Reduced salt Suw BIGGER & BETTER DEALS FOR YOU! 25th May - 7th June 2023 CHOCOLATE BELGIUM WAFFLES 4196 kurang caram Kureng Gara HELGIUM WAFFLES Naturel Soft aute Cholesterol Free BUY 2@ RM NP: RM13.90 /pack facie Bliss Mando DRINKLE CUT NP: RM13.00/pack ENCH FRIES RM .90 23.⁹⁰ RASA MALAYA Blackpepper/ Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop 250g ace Bliss Bliss and CREEK 69 CREEK M EMBORG French Fries Crinkle/ Shoestring/ Straight 1kg 10,9ck .99 oge GREEK weke Lactel Bliss Low Fat Yogurt Drinks are made with real fruit juice and live cultures to give you the pleasure of taste and goodness while helping to smooth out your system. BUY 2 @ RM9.49 bok CREEK OCKS Bliss lactel Mod www. CREEK RASA MALAYA CRECHEN CHOP SOC Indulgence now comes with a new and improved recipe. Lactel Greek Style yogurt is now even creamier, thicker and richer, and it still gives you all the benefits of live cultures. BUY 3 @ RM11.29 facte 1. All product prices quoted are in Ringgit Malaysia. 2. All information & prices in this print advertisement are correct at the time of printing and subject to change without prior notice. 3. Care and discretion have been taken throughout the production process of this advertisement. Any misrepresentation is not intended & regretted AEON BIG (M) Sdn. Bhd. (242659-T) will not be responsible for it. 4. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of products for sale & NOT sell any products to wholesalers based on our discretion. 5. We reserve the right to exchange any products of the same value based on the availability of the stocks reserve. 6. The offer is valid while stocks last. EMBORG Fat Free acte Fat Free Materd SHOESTRING FRENCH FRIES EMBORG NP: RM7.85-7.90 / each SUSU KURMA RM 7.72each SUMMERFIELD Milk Assorted 700ml (actel Templation Fat free actel Fat Free (actel actel Temptation Fat free (actel Fat free Lactel Fat Free Yogurt is packed with live cultures and real fruit pieces, making it a tasty and healthy worry-free snack. BUY 3 @ RM5.99 STAMENT OUT FRENCH FRIES EMBORG (acte Templation MP Creg SUMMERFIELD Introducing Lactel Temptation, deliciously creamy, filled with real fruit juice (for fruited variant), perfect for your daily moment of indulgence. The extra creamy texture gives you the mouth-melting sensorial experience, which is the best way to take pleasure. Resist everything except Temptation. BUY 2 @ RM9.99 5.09/2004 aeonbig.com.my Customer Careline: 1300-80-2366

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